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Natural Makeup Artist & Wellness Advocate

Brie Alexandra Stanley

~ Inspired by the innate glow in all of us, I'm passionate about cultivating informed beauty and supporting healthful well-being in my makeup artistry. ~
From early artistic beginnings in theatrical and performance makeup in the late 90's, including a stint as personal makeup artist for a local TV host in 2005, my creative connection to makeup artistry has grown and evolved with a primary focus on natural beauty for the wellness-minded individual.
~ As a professional makeup artist, I have a sincere reverence for each face I have the pleasure of making-up. With a light hand and a touch of nurturing inspiration, my makeup services are personalized collaborations that honor you, so that natural radiance can shine from within. ~
Shifting the paradigm in 2013, I decided that upholding what I value most would be the path forward for my work: to align my makeup artistry and my passion for health & wellness - reflecting what I believe is truly beautiful. Recognizing the sensitive nature of skin and the need for safer cosmetic alternatives that avoid potentially harmful ingredients, I was inspired to begin carefully researching the makeup and personal care products I use, both professionally and personally. In the process, I gathered a collection of informative resources that promote healthful awareness, as well as curated first-hand product recommendations that meet the high standard of being both eco-friendly and truly effective.

 ~ My eco-conscious makeup artistry focuses on highlighting your own unique beauty naturally, featuring non-toxic, safer cosmetics that offer a luxurious and healthier way to confidently put your best face forward. ~

ithout compromising the goal of a healthier self and environment, I have been able to choose high-quality cosmetics from responsible, eco-minded brands that value ingredient transparency and deliver on professional efficacy. Raising the bar further, the products I use are high-performance wearing, centered on organics, gluten-free and vegan friendly, while also free of common allergens and synthetics, so they are gentle enough for those of us with even the most sensitive skin.

Client Recommendations


"I had an excellent experience with Brie Stanley. She did my makeup for professional headshots. She generously gave time to do it right and was very responsive to my particular taste, my very fair skin and blonde eyebrows! I found the results stunning and the process enjoyable, especially after my initial reservations, because I am not a regular makeup wearer. I would definitely work with her again and recommend her highly." ~Kristin C.


"I couldn't have been happier with the makeup Brie did for myself and my wedding party. Since I don't wear much makeup I wanted to be a natural bride - I wanted a look that was me but only flawless and Brie delivered. I felt so comfortable and elegant putting my best face forward. My photographer commented on how little touch up she will have to do because everyone looked so amazing. And the best part is that the next day, my skin was breakout free because of the high quality products that Brie used." ~Carrie B.


"As a professional photographer, I have met with many makeup artists - Brie stands out. She has a unique approach to her work -- a light touch to start, with great possibilities at the tips of her tools. I was looking for a natural look, and Brie's work reminded me of someone I want to remember! She is a great talent full of healthful smarts, and is very comfortable to work with." ~Laura Turbow P.


"I recently had professional head shots taken, and Brie delivered on my make-up! I typically wear very little make-up, so was apprehensive about looking too "done up" for the camera. But she was expert at applying just the right touch so that my skin and eyes shone in the photos, ensuring the natural look I was after. Thank you so much, Brie!" ~Lynn Eve K.


"Brie did an amazing job with my bridal makeup the morning of our wedding! I love that she uses natural products and has a great sense of what colors work best together. She also has awesome products in her arsenal that I've not heard of, but now want to own! My husband and I were both very happy with the results. Book this woman!" ~Mariya H.


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